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Mooie muziek begint met mooie mensen

Het maken van pakkende muziek begint valt of staat bij de juiste inspiratie.
Een duurzame samenwerking, gebaseerd op humor, vrijheid en professionaliteit zijn bewezen uitgangspunten voor een prachtig eindresultaat. Zo denken mijn klanten er gelukkig ook over.



"Marc is a talented Musician and Sounddesigner who has a natural intuïtion to create music which perfectly fits with the text of the meditations. In this way he has made the music for my meditation and vitality CD Insight Adventure with synergy as a result. Marc, I am very thankful for your excellent job you have done. In the future I will defenitely want to create a new CD with you."

Evert Heintz |

"Great artist to work with. Needs only two words to get the job done. Creative, fast and high quality work."

Aart Knuivers: Freelance producer 

"Apart from being a pleasure to work with, Marc is an original composer with a great sound."

Alexander Kraaij |

"Marc is a very talented and creative composer and musician who dares to follow his intuition, even if it leads to a result that is totaly out of the box. The more freedom he has in his work, the better the outcome! He is also a great pleasure to work with, because he is friendly and funny. I am sure we will hear much more from him ..."

Wilka Zelders |


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